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  1. Participating in Reels (“the competition”) you are bound by the terms and provisions of this agreement.

  2. By participating in the competition you shall be subject to any posted guidelines or rules applicable to such services.

  3. Any participation in this service will constitute acceptance of this agreement. Any breach of these guidelines will result in instant disqualification from competition. If you do not agree to abide by the below, please do not enter the competition.

  4. By participating in the competition you confirm all the information given by the participant is accurate - including your email address and personal information such as background in education, regional location of current residence, gender, and age.

  5. By participating in the competition you confirm that any work submitted is created by the person or people entering the competition, that the New Zealand artist has consented to compete and the video has not received any outside commercial funding from a government or industry label.

  6. By participating in the competition you confirm that you are not using any unauthorised samples, audio, copyrighted or illegal material and you confirm that Reels is in no way liable for any breach of these conditions.


Entry Fee and Submission Dates 

  1. Reels music video competition does include a $25.00 fee to submit your video to the competition.

  2. The Reels music video awards are open for submissions for any video filmed from January 2023 - to March 2024.

  3. The end date for submissions will be April 5th.

  4. Submissions are open from June 1st 2023. Entry is via the Reels website

Ownership of intellectual property

  1. All rights to any original composition and recording made by you and entered in Reels remain 100% owned by you.

  2. However, by submitting a video you agree to grant Reels access to showcasing the video on its site and platforms a non-exclusive licence for the non-commercial use of your track for a period of 12 months from the competition date. In other words, Reels will have the right to host the track on our various social media platforms and use it for publicity and promotion. 

  3. Runners-up and winners will have the opportunity of their videos being featured on the RadioActive.FM Youtube channel, to be playlisted and highlighted across RadioActive’s platforms. Consent required.


  1. By participating in this competition you agree to make yourself reasonably available for any publicity that might arise from Reels. In addition to the track submitted for the competition, this might include the use of artwork, images, and photos of or created by you.

Judging and prizes

  1. Judges’ decisions are final.

  2. Judges, the Organiser, Partners & and Sponsors will not enter into or engage in any correspondence, discussion or debate about the outcome of the Competition.

  3. The Organiser reserves the right to declare any Submission ineligible if in their opinion, the Competitor has not complied with these terms and conditions set out in the submission process or has not (in the Organiser’s opinion) provided adequate information or proof of validity of a Submission.

  4. Each Category will only proceed to the judging stage if there are three (3) or more Submissions for a category. If there are less than three (3) Submissions in a Category the Organiser reserves the right to not award a prize in that Category.

  5. The Organiser reserves the right to request the Prize Winner to provide proof of identity, proof of tertiary enrolment, and proof of residency at the nominated prize delivery address, to claim the Prize. Proof of identification, enrolment, residency, and entry considered suitable for verification is at the discretion of the Organiser. If the Prize Winner cannot provide suitable proof, the Prize Winner will forfeit the prize in whole and no substitute will be offered.

  6. Prizes must be taken as offered and failure to accept the offered prize will result in forfeiture of that prize. The forfeited prize may be offered to another Competitor.

  7. It is a condition of accepting the Prize that the Prize winner must comply with any conditions of use of the Prize and the Organiser’s directions or requirements.

  8. The prize is not transferable or redeemable for cash. The Prize or any element of the Prize cannot be exchanged for any other Prize. The contents of the Prize will be at the Organiser’s sole discretion. The Prize is subject to availability and the terms and conditions of the entities supplying the Prize.

  9. If a Prize is unavailable, for whatever reason, the Organiser reserves the right to substitute the prize for a prize of equal or greater value, subject to State Regulation.

  10. No responsibility will be taken by the Organiser for any changes in dates, times or cancellations or other arrangements that may prevent the Prize Winner from utilising the Prize.

  11. The Organiser makes no warranties or representations about the fitness for purpose or suitability of any Prize and will not accept responsibility for the quality or fitness for purpose of any Prize, or the failure of any Prize to be of merchantable quality.

  12. Subject to relevant state authority approval, the Organiser reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, at any time before the awarding of the Prize to cancel or vary the terms of the competition or to vary or cancel the award of the Prize including, without limitation, circumstances where in the Organiser’s opinion (which it shall form in its absolute discretion): a Prize Winner does not satisfy the Competition entry requirements; or the Organiser cannot conduct the Competition or award the Prize for any reason beyond its control.

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